Musixmatch – How to Connect to Social Accounts and Spotify?

Musixmatch app in Android can be used to connect with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Connecting to those accounts is for sharing but the feature isn’t totally active yet. There is also an option to connect to your Spotify account. If you have a premium account at spotify, you can use Musixmatch to play any song in their database and show the lyrics for it upright.

Here are the steps to connect Musixmatch to Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and

  • Make sure you are on the Home of the Spotify App.
  • Click on ⚙ Settings on the top-right.
  • Tap on Sharing under General.
  • Click on the respective social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Last.Fm) and give access to have them connected.

Sharing Spotify Musixmatach

Note: For you are expected to give a username and password. For Facebook, it can be authorized with the app. Twitter doesn’t seem to be loading for us right now.

Additionally, there is also an option to connect with Spotify.

To connect Musixmatch and Spotify:

  • From the Home of the app, click on ⚙ Settings.
  • Tap on Spotify under General.
  • Provide your Spotify email and password (Or login with Facebook).

Now, you have successfully connected Spotify with Musixmatch. Enjoy the benefits of both the apps (large music connection and lyrics) in one single app.






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