How to Synchronize Audio and Video in MX Player?


When watching a movie in MX Player Android app, sometimes you notice that the voice doesn’t match the video reactions. The actor is moving his lips and the dialogues are spoken only after a while. Sometimes the opposite happens and the dialogue comes before the actor makes the move. This is caused because of the error of audio synchronization. It is an issue that can be caused due to multiple reasons. We will show you how audio synchronization issues can be fixed in MX Player. It is a simple fix actually. It is really easy to synchronize audio and video in MX Player application for Android. It is explained below.

The steps to synchronize the video and audio during playback using MX Player app for Android are:

  • Open up the movie/video
  • Open options from the top-right 
  • Go to Audio > Synchronization
  • Increase (or decrease) the value in seconds from the on-screen tool.
Synchronizing Audio in MX Player
If the audio is leading and the video plays late, increase the audio synchronization value. It will be a positive number (greater than zero).
If the audio is lagging and the video comes first, decrease the audio synchronization value. It will be a negative number (less than zero with a – trailing the value).

It might take a few tries to get the right synchronization value but once you figure it out, the playback of the movie won’t be a pain. Sometimes switching from hardware to software decoder (or vice versa) might help for specific videos.

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