Turn Repeat Mode On and Off in VLC for Android

If you access and play a playlist in VLC for Android, then you can choose to repeat the current song, repeat the entire list at the end or stop the playback when it completes the entire playlist. Playlists in VLC can be user-generated custom lists or lists that are auto-generated and grouped based on common ID3 tag properties like Albums, Artists or Genre. Such lists can be repeated or an individual song in it can be played again and again. The option is available on the screen itself.

First of all, to access the repeat mode button, make sure that the playback is in full swing. Then ensure that the full set of playback related buttons like play, pause, next/previous and repeat are showing in the bottom of the screen.

Now, the “repeat mode” button looks something like this with two arrows going back and forth.

Repeat Playlist Mode

Repeat on Playlist End

Tap on it once to activate the repeat mode. It will now be colored in orange.

Repeat on Playlist End

That means when the entire playlist ends, it will start from the beginning.

Repeat Current Item

Tap on it again and a digit, ‘1’ will be displayed between the arrows. That tells us the current song will repeat.

Repeat Single Item

Even though there are songs coming next in the list, this mode signifies that the current song will repeat forever until you hit next. The option is suitable for your favorite song.

Enjoy the full benefits of the repeat mode in the VLC Media Player app for Android.

Note that the repeat mode present in the player interface is different than the A-B repeat mode present in the Options ⋮ menu. A-B repeat mode is for marking point A and point B within a song and repeating through those two points continuously.






2 responses to “Turn Repeat Mode On and Off in VLC for Android”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    What if the playback controls are not showing at the bottom? How do you make them show?

    1. Albu Kürki Avatar
      Albu Kürki

      Swipe from the bottom up.

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