Musixmatch – How to Use the Sleep Timer?

Musixmatch has an inbuilt sleep timer so that you can stop an audio playlist after a certain amount of time. The desired time can be set in the options. After it passes, the player will stop the playlist completely. This feature is useful for those people who want to sleep with their headphones plugged in and music blasting into their ears. You don’t want the sound to be penetrating your ears all night. All you want is to play 30 minutes of music until you fall asleep. Another situation where the sleep timer feature can come to use is when you want to limit yourself from just listening to music while preventing yourself from doing anything else. You can play an hour of music by using the timer and as soon as the music stops, you can get back to work. This feature is quite useful for setting a deadline to a playlist.

To use the sleep timer feature on Musixmatch, follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to make sure some playlist is playing
  2. On the playback screen press on the More Options ⋮
  3. Select the Sleep timer option
  4. Set the timer in terms of hours, minutes and seconds
    Musixmatch Timer
Note: The timer starts taking in input from the right i.e. number of seconds. So, if you want to have 30 minutes of the timer, you would hit 3000. One hour and forty minutes on the clock would be achieved by hitting 14000. The on-screen timer will display exactly how many hours, minutes and seconds that you are setting.






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