Spotify – How to Open and Use the Music Equalizer?

There is an inbuilt music equalizer that comes with your Spotify App. You can use it to boost or cut certain frequencies. It is done to make the music sound just right. The Equalizer in Spotify is quite similar (if not the same) to the equalizer that Google Play Music has. It is a 5-band equalizer. It has the sliders for the frequencies of 60 Hz, 230 Hz, 910 Hz, 4kHz, and 14kHz. To use it, at first, turn it on.

If you are an expert on music equalization, you can slide those individual sliders. If not, there are always pre-built equalization patterns to help you out. You can choose between a number of presets such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal and FX booster. The last one User is for saving your own customizations.

To enable and use the music equalizer in Spotify, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on (top-right)
  2. Scroll down and access Equalizer under Music Quality
  3. If a message is shown, press OK.
    Spotify Equalizer Warning Message
  4. Enable it by dragging the slider to the right
  5. Choose a preset from the drop-down. The default one is Normal.
  6. Drag the individual frequency sliders to fit your taste
    Spotify's Equalizer
Note: The bass boost and surround sound option seem to be disabled and cannot be manually set.






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