Spotify: Data Saver and Streaming Music Quality Selection

In Spotify, you can choose streaming music quality straight from the options. You can set the app to Data Saver mode which will make the music quality low. There are also multiple music quality selection options—Automatic, Low, Normal, High and Very High. Since, everything is streamed from the internet, Spotify will consume data. If you use it on the go where there isn’t any Wi-Fi, you might want to look over these options. You don’t want the streamed music to consume all your GBs of your monthly data pack.

So, to conserve all the data that you can, go to Settings on the top right and slide the Data Saver slider toward the right.

Spotify Data Saver Mode

It will pick the lowest music quality for you and save you a ton of data. But the playback quality will certainly be compromised.

By default, the music quality is Automatic. That means, the app will itself decide everything and will set the playback quality based on your internet connection (Wi-Fi vs 3G/4G data) and the current bandwidth/speed that you are experiencing on your device. You might want to set this Automatic selection to something higher or lower and keep it under your control.

Here are the steps to manually choose streaming music quality in Spotify:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Music Quality
  3. Next to Streaming, choose between Low, Normal, High and Very High
    Spotify Music Quality Selection

Now that you have control over your music quality, the app will follow what you just set. If you chose Very High, the music will sound really good. But it will use a lot of bandwidth. So, you might want to use it only over unlimited Wi-Fi at home. Switch to lower quality like Low or Normal in data mode. High and Very High is for Wi-Fi internet. But if you have unlimited data plans, you can pick the higher bandwidths.





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