Resume Playback When Wired Headset is Inserted for Poweramp Music Player

You might have noticed that when you insert a headset in your Android phone or tablet, the playback continues automatically in Poweramp Music Player. It is set by default. It happens when you have previously exited the app and there was a playlist in motion there. So, the next time you connect earphones, Poweramp app for Android launches automatically and continues your playback. You might want it to stop or some of you might want to enable this feature.

The feature of instant playback also applies to Bluetooth speakers and A2DP devices. But the Bluetooth on-connect auto-play feature isn’t enabled by default. You’ll have to activate it from the settings. So, when you connect Bluetooth speakers, your audio list is played right away.

Here are the steps to resume playback (or disable it) when a wired headset is inserted for Poweramp Music Player:

  1. On the bottom-right, tap on ☰ Menu
  2. Go to ⚙ Settings
  3. Tap on Headset/Bluetooth
  4. Under Connection, drag the slider for these options
    • Resume On Wired Headset
    • Resume on Bluetooth

Resume Options for Poweramp

Sliding them to the right will obviously activate the feature. So, if the Resume On Wired Headset is activated, it will resume playing when a wired headset is connected. Uncheck to disable it.

Similarly, when Resume On Bluetooth slider is on the right, it will resume your playback when Bluetooth A2DP devices are connected. It is disabled by default and you might want to activate it.

Pause On Headset Disconnect

Bonus Tip: You might also have noticed an option Pause On Headset Disconnect. It works both for wired as well as Bluetooth devices. When the option is activated and Bluetooth/Wired devices are disconnected, the playback won’t be continued. If it is disabled and the Bluetooth headsets are disabled, the fallback device will be your phone’s speakers. You will hear audio play on the speakers. It’s up to your preference but normally you will want it to remain activated.





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