Poweramp Music Player – How to Crossfade Between Two Tracks ?

Crossfading is when one song gradually becomes silent at the end while the next one starts from silence. It is common for media player apps to use crossfading in music to give the listeners a sense of a smooth transition. It is easily possible in Poweramp Music Player for Android to crossfade between two tracks. In your Android phone or tablet, you can allow the previous track to gradually fade out and the next one to fade in. In the Android app, the option for it is present in ⋮ > Settings > Audio > Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless.

The app allows you to enable crossfade when track changes automatically or manually. You can also specify the crossfade length in terms of milliseconds. The fading effect can also be added when you play/pause/stop or seek through the currently playing song. Additionally, you can also cut the silence at the beginning and end of the songs for better gapless.

Here are the detailed steps to enable crossfading transition effect between two songs in Poweramp Music Player:

  1. In Poweramp, tap on ☰ Menu
  2. Go to ⚙ Settings
  3. Tap on Audio
  4. Tap on Crossfade, Fade, and Gapless
  5. To enable crossfading:
    1. Auto-advance Fading – Switch to Crossfade all songs
    2. Manual Track Change Fading – Switch to Crossfade or Short fade out/in
    3. Fade play/pause/stop – Enable for media control crossfading
    4. Fade on seek – Enable it for the effect to happen while seeking manually
    5. Preload Gapless Tracks – Cut the silence gaps usually present at the beginning and end of tracks
    6. Crossfade Length – Default 5000 ms is good but you can drag slider for custom length
    7. Short Manual Crossfade Length – Useful when you manually switch tracks
    8. Play/Pause/Stop Fade Length – For crossfading when you play, pause and stop tracks.
    9. Seek Fade Length – When you seek on the track, it will cross fade by a bit.

Crossfading Options for Poweramp

Now, go back to your playlist. Enjoy your music. Notice how the currently playing song gradually fades away to silence. At the same time, the next track will be heard in a low volume unti it slowly takes over your music output. The length that you specified above will determine how long it will take.






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    I’d like a way to crossfade without diminished volume

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