MX Player – How to Open Local Subtitles for Movies and Videos

If you are watching movies using MX Player on your mobile device (smartphones and tablets) and want to add a subtitle to the current media, then this tutorial is for you. There is a simple option that can be used to browse, navigate and load a subtitle file. You must have already opened your movie file in MX Player in Android. Also, there must be present a subtitle file in your device. You can download them from a variety of sources.

To load up subtitles locally when watching movies in MX Player for Android, follow these steps:

  1. Open the movie/video
  2. Tap on options ⋮
  3. Tap on Subtitle
  4. Select the Open option

Open Subtitles in MX Player

An ‘open subtitle file’ dialog will be shown. Navigate the folders in your smart device. Hit the (Folder up) to navigate back to the parent directory. Once you locate the appropriate .srt or subtitle file, tap on it to open. Now, as you play the movie, you will see the on-screen text near the bottom of the screen. You have successfully loaded up subtitles for your movie in MX Player.

If you go to ⋮ > Subtitle > Panel, a horizontal panel will be placed in the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to browse and locate the subtitle file.






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