MX Player – How to Choose Themes and Styles?

Have you ever wondered if you could switch the plain gray theme of the MX Player app in Android to something else? Maybe change it to something dark in-line with Android’s dark mode. Or, you could pick any color like a yellow or a blue. It is very much possible to switch between color themes in MX Player. The interface will reflect the color of your choice. The app will have a refreshed look. It is all about switching the interface theme in MX Player app for Android.

To choose a theme for your interface in MX Player app for Android:

  1. Click on ⋮
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Player
  4. Tap on Theme
  5. Choose the color(s) from the list.

MX Player Theme

Within moments, the color changes will reflect and MX Player will display the theme of your choice.

There are also additional styling options for the app. It is available in the same options (⋮ > Settings > Player). The options are under Interface. The first one is Theme which we discussed above. The other options below it give us additional customization options.

Style: Choose a Preset (Default vs Inverse), Frame color, Controls color and Progress bar color. You can also choose between flat and material design for the progress bar. There is also an option to display the progress bar below buttons. Hit Ok to save.

Screen: Various options on how the screen is oriented and how the app behaves on full-screen mode. You can configure everything like what is displayed and where.

Navigation: Choose whether to display the previous/next button, forward/backward button and your current position in the active media.





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