MX Player – How to Bring up the Equalizer?

It is quite easy to bring up the equalizer in MX Player for Android. The app has a simple options menu on the top-right represented by three horizontal dots. Press on it and select the equalizer to bring up the simple MX Player Equalizer. This tool within the app is used to make the music/audio sound much better. The default settings are good but if you want your music to sound crunchier, you use the equalizer. You have to turn it on first. After it is on, we can pick a preset out of the selection available. There is also a reverb option, bast boost, and virtualizer. We can also drag the five individual sliders if you know what you are doing.

To bring up the equalizer in MX Player:

  • Open the MX Player app for Android
  • Tap on 
  • Choose Equalizer (Audio > Equalizer)
  • Turn it on with the on/off slider

Equalizer in MX Player

The presents available are: Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, and Rock. The first one is Custom. It gives you the ability to drag the sliders for 60Hz, 230Hz, 910Hz, 3600Hz, and 14000Hz.

Below the sliders are additional options. The first one is Reverb. You can choose a reverb setting like Small Room, Medium Room, Large Room, Medium Hall, Large Hall, and Plate. With Bass Boost, you can drag the slider to bump up the bast. The final one, Virtualizer, makes it possible for the music to sound a lot better as you drag the slider.






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  1. Cid Avatar

    There’s no equalizer option anywhere! What version is this post for?

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