Musixmatch – Enable/Disable Lock Screen and Notification Player

Music player apps these days offer all sort of accessibility on your smartphone and tablet. After you play a song and the phone locks up the screen, the control, and even the album art appear on the lock screen. Even if you navigate away from the app, the controls stay on the notification bar. This sort of accessibility is quite useful. You can navigate away from the Musixmatch app with the music playing in the background. Suddenly, you want to pause the song and stop the sound or even change tracks.  You don’t have to go into your application history or app drawer to bring up Musixmatch’s interface. It can be done simply from the notification slider. The same theory applies when the screen has been locked and tracks need to be stopped or changed. Musixmatch has a friendly lock screen interface which gives us full access to changing tracks or stopping it. It displays the synchronized lyrics too.

Notifications by Musixmatch

But not everyone wants their lock screen to be taken over by their music player. People might also not prefer the audio playing app to always display on the notification bar. It might take up additional on-screen real estate. Some might just find it annoying. Musixmatch enables both the lock screen widget and the notification slider controls by default. But we can easily enable or disable the said features. It’s a simple on/off thing.

To Disable or Enable Musixmatch’s Lock Screen Widget:

  • Go to the Home section
  • Tap on the gear settings icon on the top right
  • Tap on Lockscreen under General
  • Disable the Enable Lockscreen feature by tapping and dragging the slider to the left

Enable and Disable Lockscreen Widget in Musixmatch

To Disable or Enable Musixmatch’s Notifications:

  • Tap on the settings icon represented by a gear  on the top right
  • Tap on Notifications under General
  • Disable the Push notifications to disable any notification sent by Musixmatch
  • Disable the Now Playing Track to stop notifications related to tracks that are being played outside Musixmatch

Notification Settings for Musixmatch

Note: We can also long-press on the notification displayed by Musixmatch in the notification bar, drag the slider to the left and revoke the app’s notification permission for good.





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