How to Stream YouTube and Online Videos using VLC for Android

VLC Media Player for Android has all the nitty-gritty features and something that strikes out is the ability to stream online media. It can easily stream from popular video sites like YouTube. It can also access direct links to the video files and play it in the handy app. The ability to stream from YouTube is a quite a handy feature which we haven’t seen in other Android media players like MX Player for Android. All we need to stream from video sites is the HTTP:// or FTP:// URL. Once the direct link to the video page is copied to the clipboard, you can paste it in the stream option in the VLC app. The smart app will figure things out so that it can play the video without any faults.

To stream YouTube and online videos using VLC in your Android phone:

  1. Copy the video link. Example: or
  2. In VLC, open up the Menu ☰
  3. Choose the sub-menu that says Stream
  4. Tap, hold and paste the link that was copied before
  5. Tap on the go button next to the input box
Stream videos in VLC

An internet connection is obviously required. Once the stream is accessed, it will play inside the Android app’s interface.





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