How to Show Poweramp on Lock Screen if Music is Playing

When you are playing some music, the player interface (or some part of it) can be shown on the lock screen. If you use Poweramp, then it has this option as well. It can be displayed on the lock screen while the music is playing. The album art can be set as the background of the lock screen. There will be controls allowing the pausing/playing and switching of tracks. This allows for easy accessibility of your favorite music player like Poweramp.

Here is how you show Poweramp on the lock screen along with other options offered when the screen is locked:

  • Click on ☰ Menu
  • Go to ⚙ Settings
  • Tap on Lockscreen
  • Drag the Show On Lock Screen slider to the right

Poweramp Lock Screen Options

Now, you will see the lock screen controls activated for Poweramp. There are a host of additional options which are as follows:

Album art: Displays album art (if it exists) on the lock screen.
Blur: It will blur the album art.
Show default image: When there is no album art, it will have a default image.
Shorter Timeout: the screen timeout will be shorter because of Poweramp.
Landscape Layout: It will extend the support of the lock screen widget when your phone is rotated.
Direct unlock: If possible, you can unlock to the home screen instead of going through the regular Android lock screen.





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