How to Set Up Music Start or Sleep Timer in jetAudio HD Music Player for Android?

In jetAudio HD Music Player for Android, it is possible to use the sleep timer feature to start or stop playback after a certain time. That’s right, you can not only stop the music after certain minutes or hours pass but you can also start it. It is a feature that will help us to doze off into the night while the music continues in our earphones and stops after a while. Or the start music with timer feature will help us wake up as the music begins playing after, let’s say, an hour.

Why use the sleep timer feature? Well, it’s an obvious answer. Say, you are listening to music on your Android phone at night and your earphones is plugged into your ears. You doze off slowly and the next morning, you still find that the music is jamming in your ears. It’s not good. You want to stop it the moment you fall asleep. But you can’t do that as your phone or tablet won’t know the exact moment when you fall asleep. All you can do is set the timer like say an hour after which you might fall asleep. That’s where this timer feature rocks.

To set up music start or sleep timer in jetAudio HD Music Player for Android, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the individual song interface in the music player.
  2. Tap on the Timer button.
    Timer on Interface
  3. Set the hours and minutes using the slider.
    Timer in Jet Audio
  4. Choose what happens, When timer ends:
    1. Stop playback
    2. Start playback
  5. Hit Start
  6. Tap on Close to go back to the player

Setting the hours and minutes will set up the time after which the action will follow. The stop playback feature is the one that is useful. After that time, the music will stop playing. The start playback does the opposite of this. It will continue with the playlist after a while. It can work as an alarm. You can have the earphones plugged in without any music, or you might have connected your Android smartphone to a wireless Bluetooth device. And when the time comes the music will begin playing. So, if you set it to play after 30 minutes, it will start up your speakers.






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  1. Marlene Avatar

    Timer looks different on mine . Doesn’t allow me to set a starting time Help?

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