How to save data in YouTube Music app?

YouTube Music app for Android or Apple Devices for streaming your favorite music videos, then you have a couple of choices to save data in your mobile device. In your smartphone, you can opt-in to stream using only Wi-Fi connections or limit mobile data usage by not streaming HD media on Wi-FI. You can also Download the video to your device if you have signed up for YouTube Red. It protects your data because you have a local copy of the media file in your smart device.

So, to save your precious mobile data while using YouTube Music app:

Play Only Using Wi-Fi and Limit Mobile Data Usage

  1. Tap the user icon present on the top right (on the main app screen)
  2. Go to ⚙Settings
  3. Activate the Stream via Wi-Fi only by dragging the slider toward the right
  4. Activate the Limit mobile data usage by dragging the slider toward the right
Save Mobile Data Options

When the Stream via Wi-Fi option is activated, you only get to stream music when you are connected to a Wi-Fi internet connection. Your data won’t stream any music. It may prevent accidental streaming of HD music videos which just chomps up a lot of GB off your monthly limit. Activating the Limit mobile data usage will only stream non-HD version of the music videos in the app. It’s a good trick to save data.

Note: You can also manually pick lower bandwidth versions like 240p if the track contains music videos using the three dots options button within the details of the music video.

Download the Media

This feature is exclusive to the YouTube Red members. It is a premium feature that comes after you subscribe to a monthly plan. To encourage you to join there will be a free to try for a month option.
To download the media locally, just hit the options button and then tap on Download.

YouTube Red Download Feature

Only YouTube Red members will be able to make the file available offline hence saving data on-the-go.

To see how much space is consumed by the offline media:

  1. Tap on the User Icon > Settings
  2. Tap on Downloads

You will be shown the storage information and how much MB/GB is being used. Press on the Clear downloads to free your storage.





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