How to Ignore Ringtones and Short Tracks in Poweramp Music Player

In your Android phone or tablet, you might have several MP3 and music files that are not songs. For example, ringtones. Ringtones are music files in a way but you do not want your music player app like Poweramp to pick them up. I can’t imagine a situation where you want to listen to a never-ending playlist of ringtones. It is the same thing with notification sounds.

You must have noticed that when you just let Poweramp play tracks randomly, on its own, it plays a few songs and then the turn for your short music files, ringtones and notifications come. They start beeping and tooting and playing and you have no idea what to do that you have to stop your music player or ignore them for a couple of minutes.

To avoid ringtones and short tracks from playing in Poweramp music player, you must use the Ignore Short Tracks (Notifications, etc.) feature in the options. It can be set so that you can ignore tracks that are up to 30-seconds long.

Here are the steps to ignore ringtones, notifications and other short tracks in Poweramp Music Player:

  1. Tap on Menu ☰
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Tap on Library
  4. Tap on Ignore Short Tracks (Notifications, etc…)
  5. Choose a music track duration like 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds

Ignore Track Duration

If you want to ignore tracks that are longer than 30 seconds, you will have to remove certain folders from the music library.


Your changes will be saved immediately. Now, Poweramp Music Player app will rescan your device. You will see the action happening on the screen. This rescan process will leave out the tracks that are up to or shorter than the length that you just specified. So, if you specified 15 seconds, audio tracks that are 15 seconds or shorter will be left out from the library. We just prefer to keep it at 30 seconds because songs are usually longer than 30 seconds. Now, enjoy a playlist that is just filled with songs.





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