How to Access and Use Equalizer in Poweramp Music Player?

Poweramp Music Player app for Android has a powerful equalizer feature. Using the equalizer, you can adjust the audio quality and effect. With the help of it, we can make the audio sound exactly like we want to. The equalizer features a 10-band slider and a preamp slider. If you do not know how to use those sliders, there are also presets which configures the equalizer by itself. There are also Tone and Limit features. You will also find the knobs for bass and treble along with advanced features like left/right balance, stereo expand, and mono. Finally, there are the reverb effects like damp, filter, fade, pre-delay, pre-delay mix, and size along with presents to ease the configuration process.

To Access the Equalizer

Accessing the equalizer is just a single step. Just hit the equalizer button on the interface.

How to Access and Use Equalizer in Poweramp Music Player?

It is the second button on the bottom controls strip.

Using the Equalizer

Once the equalizer is accessed, the main 10-band slider along with some additional contents are displayed. There are also three tabs which are switchable from the top section. The first tab is for the Equalizer. The second one has controls for sound balance, stereo expand, tempo and mono. The third one is for the reverb effects.

Tab 1: Equalizer

The first slider is the Preamp. The rest of the 10 sliders (accessible by dragging across the screen) is a 10-band equalizer. The frequency ranges available are 31, 62, 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K and 16K. You can simply slide them.

Tab 1: Equalizer

The present button below it will allow us to choose presets like Bass, Bass Extreme, Bass & Treble, Treble, Flat, Classical, Dance, Rock, Techno, Speaker (Loud), Live, Middle, Pop, Soft, Soft Bass and Soft Treble. You can also create your own preset or save it. The equalizer and other features can be enabled and disabled by hitting the EQU, TONE and LIMIT buttons. The individual knobs for bass and treble can also be dragged to set a value.

Tab 2: Effects

There are certain effects in this tab. They are represented in five knobs.

Tab 2: Effects

The first one is the left and right balance of the sound. Then there is the Stereo Expand knob. Below it is the Tempo button which is used to switch on the feature to slow down the song to 0.5x or speed it up to 2x. At the bottom is the option to play back the sound as mono. Finally, there is a volume knob.

Tab 3: Reverb

Once the Reverb feature is enabled with the help of the button, we can use the six knobs to adjust how the sound reverbs. This is a very advanced feature and not many of us will find a use for it.

Tab 3: Reverb

There are six knobs-Damp, Filter, Fade, Pre-Delay, Pre-Delay Mix, an Size. For simplicity, a preset can be chosen. Presets like Auditorium, Echo, Great Hall, Light Reverb, Scene, Small Room, Stadium and Studio are available. There is a Mix feature at the end.

The equalizer feature available for Poweramp is quite advanced. It compares with the one available for JetAudio. All the features are not for everyone. But sliding the equalizer and using the presets are the ones that we will find useful.






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