Enable/Disable Auto Playback When Headset is Inserted in jetAudio HD Music Player

If you use the free mp3 player (or a paid version of) jetAudio HD Music Player for Android and want the music to play automatically once the headset is inserted, then just venture into the options. Or, if you no longer want jetAudio app to play music instantly when the headset is inserted then you will have to disable it in the options. It’s all about turning on or off the Auto Start miscellaneous options. There’s also an additional option to autoplay if you are connected to a Bluetooth device (Example: A Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speakers).

The steps to enable/disable auto playback when a headset is inserted or when Bluetooth audio device is connected:

  1. Tap on the options present in the top-right corner
  2. Go to Preferences
  3. Tap on Misc
  4. Under Action
    • Auto start, Check/uncheck to enable/disable music playing when a headset is plugged in
    • Auto start (Bluetooth), Check/uncheck to enable/disable music player when an audio device is connectedjetAudio Auto Start Headset

Depending on the option that you picked, when your headset is inserted, jet audio will respond. If you checked the Auto start option and you insert your earphones, the music player will start where you left off the last time. The player will begin playing even if it is not open. It is the same thing when you activate the Auto start (Bluetooth) checkbox. Meaning, when you connect to your wireless speaker via Bluetooth, jetAudio will pop up and begin playing your playlist. So, you can head into the ⋮ > Preferences > Misc > Headset options for these controls in the jetAudio for Android app.





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